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The Full Story

Right after I graduated from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2014, I worked as a contract at GM as a digital sculptor in the head light department. Within the my first year there, my passion for origami exploded. After my full year was finished, these words came in mind: "seek His kingdom and His righteousness, then all else will be added onto you." I desired something for myself, so that my skills can be understood. I left to explore the path of entrepreneurship and my faith in Jesus.

20170909_094955 (1).jpg
20170909_094955 (1).jpg


I always thought that origami itself can only go so far. It needed other elements so that it can soar like an eagle. It has been my intention to add lighting and kinetic motion to my creation. The element It needed was my story, but it was being written at that time. 

In 2017 I needed to start somewhere to test the market. I started selling what I could make at the Sheboygan Farmers Market.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

As much as I wanted to avoid the hard work, I had to create my own lighting base for my lamps. I would use LED components of puck lights from Walmart to install on handmade wooden bases. I spent about a year with this physical labor. Near the end of 2017, There was a moment when I created about 60 pieces in a week, purple bruising all of my finger tips. I knew then that it was time to put more effort into advancing this process.


Exploring The Market

I have found my niche and it's like exploring uncharted land. There is so many ideas to explore. As I advance my LED base, I was also advancing my folds. I take pride in creating and exploring my own lines. At this time, my folds are hand measured: calculated by folding paper paper and transferring the measurements onto my InDesign software. This is where I created all of my templates and patterns to fold my lamps. 

process of creation.jpg
process of 3d printing.jpg

3D Printing Element

I was able to afford this Prusa MK3 printer for about $750. I recreated the puck light LED and found the components to create my own LED circuit powered by a micro USB cable. It was a headache learning about Ohm's Law to calculate and find the right resistor. After that, I experimented with this base where you could switch out the origami tops. 

Justin Thao_Erol Reyal 5072.jpg

Coming out of my shell

This piece is presented at the MIAD Gallery at the Ave in Milwaukee, WI. This piece is the initiation of me coming out of my shell. I left my 9-5 job back in 2016 to pursue origami. I have been researching and developing with advance origami within closed doors, knowing it wasn't time for me to show my best work. I'm ready to come out and give you a taste one at a time. 

Photo by Erol Reyal

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